The Lancashire Resilience Forum

The Lancashire Resilience Forum (LRF) is a group of organisations that work together to prepare and respond to emergencies in Lancashire. It does this by:

  • Meeting regularly;
  • Considering the hazards that feature in Lancashire, assessing the impacts of the risk and providing this information to the public in a Community Risk Register;
  • Creating plans to help make the risks safer and to respond and recover should an emergency happen;
  • Responding together in a coordinated way when something does go wrong;
  • Training and testing to make sure we are ready;
  • Learning the lessons from incidents and exercises.

When an incident occurs, all members of the LRF work together from a single building to achieve common objectives:

  • Prevent the situation from getting worse;
  • Save lives;
  • Relieve suffering;
  • Protect property;
  • Recover to normality as soon as possible;
  • Facilitate criminal investigation and judicial process as necessary.

The LRF involves the emergency services; local authorities; health agencies; Environment Agency and Maritime Coastguard Agency. Voluntary groups; transport providers; utility providers and local businesses provide help to the Forum.

For more information about risks in Lancashire, how the LRF plans to deal with them and what you can do to prepare, please download this guide.