Preparing Your Community

What is a Community Emergency Plan?

A community emergency plan is a way for your community to come together to think about what it could do to be prepared for an emergency and to assist the emergency services should an emergency occur.

Local community groups who are prepared and able to respond effectively, can deal with local issues, such as:
•    Clearing snow from pathways and community facilities
•    Placing sandbags and domestic floodgates in risk areas to prevent flooding
•    Looking out for neighbours who may be vulnerable if something happens
•    Providing information to the emergency services if an emergency occurs

Check our RESILIENT COMMUNITIES MAP to see if there is an active community resilience group in your area.

Why have a Community Emergency Plan?

Many communities in Lancashire have come together to produce their own plans, and some of these have been used in an emergency situation to allow the community to cope better during and after an emergency.

More resilient communities:
•    Are aware of the risks that may affect them
•    Use their existing skills, knowledge and resources to prepare for, and deal with, the consequences of emergencies
•    Work together to complement the work of local emergency responders – before, during and after an incident.

How do I write a Community Emergency Plan?

A template plan and guidance document has been produced by the Lancashire Resilience Forum which will help you think about how you can work together to overcome difficulties you may face should an emergency happen in your community.
If you are interested in accessing the template plan and guidance document, please contact A local authority emergency planner will get in touch to help you with your first steps in completing this and answer any questions you may have about community emergency response.