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Successful Bike Recovery Thanks To Lancashire Police

Fleetwood Task force news

Another successful recovery rolled in this week. Task Force Officers from Fleetwood attended an address in relation to an unrelated report. Once at the address, a suspect arrived and left a bicycle outside the house. Upon realising that police were present, the suspect fled the area, leaving the bike behind.
Successful Bike Recovery Thanks To Lancashire Police
A visual check of the bike revealed that it was previously marked with a BikeRegister Membership Plus Kit. The thief had previously attempted to remove the BikeRegister sticker, but was unable to do so (pictured). After scanning the QR code on the sticker, the police were able to reveal within seconds that the bike was marked as stolen and were able to contact the owner who lived over 150 miles away. This evidence allowed the officers to seize the bike and return it to their rightful owner.

You made us aware that bikes were being stolen in the area and with that we have been marking up bikes this week with the National Data protection kits. 

Marking only takes a few minutes and the success rate of recovery increases greatly ! 

Look out for other events soon on our Facebook page or email through Lancashire In The Know.


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