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Rogue Traders are scammers, calling at people’s houses offering services such as tree pruning, gutter cleaning, gardening, house maintenance, jet washing, laying driveways and pavements and roofing.


They can come across as very friendly and helpful, and their sales pitch often sounds plausible. They may try to con the homeowner by saying they’re offering special rates to older people…. For a limited time only.


A common tactic is to say they have been working in the area, and noticed a problem on the house that needs fixing. In reality, there usually isn’t a problem at all. Even if there is, a rogue trader won’t fix it properly. Agreeing to the work could end up causing even more damage, and proving yet more expensive to get the work put right by a qualified tradesperson.


Rogue traders sometimes try to convince the victim that they only need a small job doing, but once the work is started, they invent more problems. This tricks the victim into parting with even more cash – some have been pressurised into parting with thousands of pounds.


Below are some key prevention safeguarding points to consider:


•             Display a ‘no cold calling’ notice on your door to deter uninvited doorstep traders

•             Keep your front and back door locked. Always put the chain or door bar on, before answering the door to anyone.

•             If a cold caller or anyone touting for work knocks at the door, don’t get in to any discussion. Say that you are not interested, and close the door.

•             There may only be one rogue trader on your doorstep, but if you agree to have work done, an accomplice might be round the corner.

•             If possible, make a note of the type of vehicle they are using, colour and registration number.

•             If you need work done on your property, ask friends and family for recommendations, or use a council-checked trusted trader.

•             DO NOT sign any paperwork until you have had a few days to read it or taken further advice beforehand. A genuine trader won’t pressurise you to sign a contract there and then and you could end up waiving your statutory rights without realising it


Points to consider if YOU or ANYONE else have fallen victim to a Rogue Trader Scam:


•             How were you contacted by the trader?

•             What was the Traders name?

•             Did the Trader present an ID badge?

•             Was any paperwork provided by the Trader detailing YOU’RE cancellation rights?

•             Has the Trader provided a receipt for the work they have carried out?

•             Has the Trader provided any misleading information, has the Trader displayed aggressive behaviour?

•             What did YOU expect to receive from the Trader?

•             What work have YOU received from the Trader?


If you would like a copy of Blackpool Councils safe and secure directory to be sent out to you please send Trading standards an email at: tradingstandards@blackpool.gov.uk


If a suspicious caller is on your property, or has just left, you can contact Blackpool Councils Trading standards department on 01253 478375 Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm OR alternatively Lancashire Police on 999 (in case of an emergency) or 101 (Non-emergency). Alternatively you can send an email to: tradingstandards@blackpool.gov.uk

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